Enviromental Vegetation Management Course

Duration: 5 days

Cost: Depends on the number of learners, kindly contact us
Time: 8.30am

Our 5-day Environmental Vegetation Management course is fully approved by the Registrar Act 36, 1947 and all successful candidates (70% pass mark) qualify to apply for a Pest Control License (Category: Weed Control).  This course is offered in all provinces and is conducted at any venue of the client’s choice.

Course content:

  • Species ID:  Common weeds species
  • Application Methods: Foliar spray, basal stem, frilling, soil applications, ringbarking, root collars.
  • Herbicides:  Types, toxicity, degradation, plant physiology, adjuvants
  • Herbicide Safety: Understanding labels, PPE, first aid, snake bite, mixing procedures, clean-up procedures, disposal procedures, storage recommendations.
  • Herbicide Legislation: Act 36, 1947; CARA Act 43, 1983; transportation of chemicals, aerial spraying, cocktails.
  • Calibration:  Spot spray calibration, linear calibration
  • Practical:  Infield demonstration and testing of topics discussed. Learning methods of herbicide application. Calibration of knapsacks.

The course concludes with a 2 hour written exam and has a passmark of 70%.  The course and lecture material is presented in English, with the examination paper in both English and Afrikaans. No cell phones are allowed for the duration of the examination.

Please bring the following to training: a normal calculator (not a scientific one), writing materials, certified copy of ID document.

Clothing:Participants should wear suitable trousers and shoes(eg. boots or closed shoes) for the practical/field work.

Physical Address:
25 Laurel Road

Tel: +27 (0)33 330 7002
Fax: +27(0)33 330 7005

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